Saturday, December 8, 2007

This is know as "Patta Khobla" in marathi language. Complete family of "Patta Khobla"

Black and White photo of "Patta Khobla". These are 5 basic types used by Maratha warriors

Close View of "Patta Khobla"

"Patta Khobla"

This is famous Sword from Britain "Wilkinson Sword"

Types of "Wilkinson Sword Grip"

"Wilkinson Sword Grip". This was introduced to Indian during British Empire

Closeup View of "Mughal Sword Grip"

This is another famous type of sword grip popularly known as "Mughal Sword Grip"

"Mughal Sword Grip". Their art work on sword grip makes them stand out from other swords

Closeup Photography of "Maratha Sword Grip". Very fine metal work

Black and White photography of "Maratha Sword Grip"

Photography of "Maratha Sword Grip" using sepia effect of camera.

Actual image of "Maratha Sword Grip"

Close up Photohraph of "Mulheri Sword Grip"

"Mulheri Sword Grip (400 years Old)"

"Mulheri Sword Grip"

"Mulheri Sword Grip"

"Rajastani Sword Grip"

"Rajastani Sword Grip"

This type was known as "Rajasthani" sword Grip. Rajasthan is state in India famous for it's palaces and castle

"Rajasthan" Sword Grip